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Though we experience some of the most rain in the country, that shouldn’t stop us from living the Indoor-Outdoor lifestyle. In Washington, we have more mountains, rivers, oceans, and overall views that shouldn’t be blocked by wall space – why not put in a Window Wall, Folding door, or Gliding door instead? Create a spectacular blend of inside and outside from the comfort of your own home; with countless different configurations to choose from, you can choose how you frame your view.

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Look no further for ultimate performance with incomparable customization. These doors lock into the bottom of your floor when locked and lift up on heavy-duty gliding wheels when unlocked, so smooth that you could operate with a single finger. With many different configurations, including Pocketing, Curved, Corner, and Barn-Door Styles, as well as incomparable freedom with sizes, the Liftslide Door is exceptional in every way.

Gliding Door

Blur the line between indoor and out; with a Gliding Door, leave all your panels closed for an exceptional view to the outdoors or open as many as you want to let the outdoors in. Because they condense into a single panel along one side of your opening, there is no worry of taking up any space inside or outside your home; simply open the doors and enjoy.


Folding Doors maximize your open space. With the option for a main door (“Man Door”) that operates independent of the other panels, you can easily keep the rest of your system closed when not in use but still access your outdoors. Having a large gathering? Simply fold open the doors to stack at the end of your opening.


These doors are unlike anything else. Want to make a bold statement? Replace your hinged door with a large Pivot door; instead of swinging on a hinge, these doors rotate on a pivot point that is engineered for performance. No matter where these doors are located, they are sure to invoke a “WOW.” With many different styles to choose from, your style can come to life in an unparalleled way.

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Client Reviews

Ligia OgneanLigia Ognean
20:02 25 Oct 21
Cascade Lumber is absolutely the BEST place for lumber and building materials. Everyone at Cascade Lumber has stellar integrity, is extremely professional, responsive, and helpful. Their prices are also the best around out of a dozen estimates I had gotten. We had a very big project and bought lumber for a +5k home.Their quality of lumber is supreme and we were left very pleased. Chris has a keen eye on what material we needed, when we needed it, and what typically happens in the field in terms of material usage. All materials were delivered earlier than anticipated and orders were complete. I was not an easy customer to deal with by any means and Chris went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my project.At this point in my project I had gotten to work with multiple other suppliers and quite a few (at least 50% of them) have some shady business practices. In contrast Cascade Lumber has a very open business approach and high standard of practice. I highly recommend them!
Jeff LloydJeff Lloyd
04:02 18 Aug 21
Magical everytime!
Gregory BoltonGregory Bolton
21:36 10 Aug 21
Excellent customer service!
John MayerJohn Mayer
21:16 22 Apr 21
Awesome.We asked about decking material and Chris behind the counter was super knowledgeable and helpful. Great customer service.
Melonnie WintersMelonnie Winters
01:31 20 Feb 21
Very good staff. They move to the counter quickly to take care of their customers. Competitive on some lumber expensive on others, call around for prices before committing.10' 2x8 boards were spot on, but 7/16 OSB was $36+ where the big box stores were $30-31.14" 2x12 pressure treated was $61, it's $51 in Arlington and $43 in Southern My Vernon. Sometimes it's worth the convenience to buy there sometimes it'll be worth a longer drive.